Laser cutting and engraving systems - FB700

Laser cutting machine - FB700
Laser cutting machine - FB700 dimentions
FB700 Laser cutting and engraving machine The FB 700 combines versatility and performance to allow production on a vast number of materials.
The fine control of machine parameters combined with a large array of options allows us to tailor each system to your application requirements.
Technical information - FB700
Laser power options
30, 50, 100 or 200 Watts
1025mm (40.3")
1505mm (59.3")
1260mm (49.1")
Max roll width
840mm (33.1")
Max cut width
725mm (28.5")
Max cut depth
990mm (39.5")
Cutting bed type
Steel honeycomb or aluminium blade
On all machines
Axial speed
0.2mm/s up to 1000mm/s
Up to 2G
ApS Ethos - Cutting composer
Optional visable red pointer
Air assist nozzle with compressed air port
Area mapping
Motion system - Loop servo motors with hardened ground steel rails
CE Mark
Class 1 interlocked laser for safe use
Cutting speeds of 600 mm/sec (36m/min) and 1G acceleration combined with the ApS-Ethos control software make the FB700 the complete production unit. Our rastering software for creating images or pictures onto surfaces such as wood or plastics is included.

We use a sealed CO2 air cooled laser, which is a certified Class 1 laser product, being interlocked and fully enclosed while cutting. This machine is available with a 30watt, 50watt, 100watt and 200watt laser.

The FB700 can cut a wide variety of materials like acrylic, mdf, ply, cardboard and paper. You can also engrave and raster images onto surfaces such as wood and plastic. The control of cutting is so accurate you can engrave onto paper. The air irrigation system attached to the cutting head sends a stream of air or inert gas to the point of cut, this enables you to achieve a consistently clean cut.
Laser cut plastic
Laser cut acrylic
Laser cut wood
Laser cut card
Laser cut glass
The laser is controlled by the cutting software that is included with this machine. The material manager allows you to store a wide range of materials, so you can instantly change from one material to another.

Adjustments may be made to the cutting speed and the power so a fine, clean, accurate depth of cut may be achieved.

When you purchase a laser cutting machine from CadCam Technology Ltd we automatically include installation and training. Visit our site in Nottingham for a demonstration of our laser cutting machines.




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Machine options Our FB laser cutters are available with a variety of options to tailor each machine to your exact requirements.
Laser cutting machine conveyor unit
Conveyor unit
A metal moving bed designed for a variety of rolled and sheet materials or fabrics. (with vacuum and air blade option) Click to find out more
Laser cutting machine de-reelerd
Motorised De-reeler
This motorised roll handling system automatically feeds material to the cutting bed removing any fabric tension or distortion to ensure neatly loaded material and an accurate cut.
Laser cutting machine shuttle bed
Shuttle bed system
The shuttle bed allows loading and unloading of materials while the laser continues to cut. This saves on loading time, ideal for a high production environment.
Laser cutting machine roll feed
Automatic roll feed unit
Feeds rolled material through the cutting bed. A tray beneath catches the cutouts or can be fitted with an air blade. This option is perfect for cutting large format fabrics
Laser cutting machine dual head
Dual head system
Doubles your production speed by using two cutting heads at once.
Laser cutting machine four head
Four head system
Increases your production time even more by using four heads at once. Ideal for repetitive patterns and high production.
Laser cutting machine multipoint cutting
Electronic optical system
An innovative product to help streamline your production or provide a solution to problems that previously meant having to turn work away.With our optical laser cutting system you can cut very precisely; woven, printed or embroidered badges or designs. Our own special software continously checks registration points in the design and automatically adjusts the pre drawn shape for distortion or rotation and will cut out your design quickly with the finest quality cut.
Bespoke systems available
You can mix and match the machine options available to make sure that you get the perfect system for you and your company. As our machines are designed and developed by us at our premises in Nottingham UK we can also make custom alterations to any system to suit your needs.
Email for more info.
Please feel free to download PDF brochures of our laser cutting and engraving machines. Click below.
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