Laser Cutting Plastic and Acrylic

Acrylic and plastic cutting Laser cutting plastic is a process used across many industries to create and develop any number of products or designs. We are always developing our existing range of laser cutting machines, one of our latest innovations is our new system developed solely for laser cutting acrylic. This machine has been designed to laser cut plastic of any depth up to 25mm in thickness. Using a Rofin laser, and our specially manufactured motion systems, optics and bespoke software package it creates a smooth, clean and polished edge ideal for laser cutting acrylic which can be used across multiple industries for many different applications.
Air regulator
The air regulator is important when laser cutting acrylic. It is used so that you can control the flow of air to the head. For example, you need less air when cutting thinner material. It allows the user flexibility when cutting varying depths of acrylic and other plastics.
Ball slide motion
A new ball slide has been added to our laser cutting acrylic machine. Multiple pre-loaded rolling elements give this slide a maintenance free perfectly straight movement, important for creating flat, clean edges like those demanded when laser cutting acrylic. The carriages have 'built in' rail wipers and on board lubricant to maintain the rail condition keeping a constant smooth motion.
Focal length options
3.5" up to 10mm 7.5" between 10 and 25mm

Locking mirror optics

Our plastic cutting machines are fitted with optional locking mirror mechanisms. Each reflector mechanism is mechanically locked into position to prevent drift when the machine is in use. This helps maintain beam path accuracy which is crucial when laser cutting plastic. Images available on request.
Please feel free to download PDF brochures of our laser cutting and engraving machines. Click below.
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